Youth Ministry

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Youth Ministry in October…



Friday, October 14th 3 Cedars farms 7:00pm-8:00pm
Thursday, October 20th Monthly Meeting 7:00pm-8:00pm (in youth room)


Monday, October 10th Meeting in youth room 7:00pm-9:30pm (MONTHLY MOVIE NIGHT!)
Monday, October 24th Family Night 7:00pm-9:00pm
Friday, October 28th 3 Cedars barn trip 10:00am-5:00pm (Permission slips must be in by Monday, October 24th)

What does October look like for our middle school youth group?!

We are headed to Three Cedars farms! This will be a great opportunity to spend some time outside and make new friends across the diocese! Join us for hay rides, bonfires, dancing, and more!

As we attend middle school youth group this year, we will discover what it means to pray and to uncover what the Lord has in store for us in the ordinary moments of our everyday lives! Join us as we discover who the Lord is in our lives and how that can make a difference in who we will become. Come learn how to pray in new ways and meet like minded people on the same journey.

I challenge you to give God just a few hours each month to discover Him in new ways through youth group! The savior of the world has so much in store for you, but He will not push His way into your life, He desires to be invited. What do you desire? What do you want to better understand about the world around you, yourself, your God? Each month we will be tackling these life questions but don’t worry…we will be doing activities, playing games, going on adventures…and yes…there will be snacks! For more information of dates and times…see information in article above.

What’s does October look like for Our high school youth group?!

Well, I’m glad you asked! This October we are looking into who we are as we meet each week to uncover our identity as sons and daughters of God. Youth Group will be meeting on Mondays from 7:00pm-9:00pm in the Youth Room to grow in holiness and deepen our friendship in ways the world just can’t provide. How?  Each week we will be sure to start our meetings in prayer as well as diving into scriptures and the lives of the saints! Sound boring?  Don’t be mistaken! Each week we will also be doing games, activities and being entered into a raffle prize for each semester…and there will be snacks and movie nights too.

We are made in the image of God and sometimes the world can persuade us into thinking that the reality of our identity in the Lord is not good enough. To be like God, we must talk to Him about how He sees us, how we see ourselves, and how others see us. Freedom does not consist in doing whatever you want without counting the cost; freedom is the ability to choose to do what is right. To know what freedom looks like in your life and how you can be your best self, you have to seek out answers. How do we do that?  Through prayer! Prayer is the most essential thing to our existence and yet we are so content to settle for lives of binge watching Netflix and snapchatting friends with that ever cute dog filter….and those things are great…but there is so much more.

I challenge you to give God two hours a week at youth group and to be amazed at all He will give you in return. What is your heart’s desire? Do you really know?  Come to You Group as we discover what God has to say to us, where He is leading us, and who it is in the palm of His hands delights so much in you that He created you simply out of a desire of His heart. Let’s discover Him!  Our theme for this first week is taking notice of our gifts and how we present them to the world. Our second week will be a movie night featuring St. Therese! Week three we will talk about what it looks like to see ourselves as God sees us.  We will wrap up October with a family feud!

This will also be an opportunity for parents to get more information on what they can expect this semester.

Jenifer Cwiek (Youth Minister)