Youth Ministry

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February Monthly Theme

Glorified and Satisfied: a presentation of self

High School (+8th grade): Monday meetings 7:00pm-9:00pm (MR3)

This month we will be looking into what it means for our lives to be glorified in the Lord while maintaining who we are. We live in a culture that craves identity and fights for the “freedom” to be whoever we want to be and do whatever we want to do. But how does that relate to our faith? And how can we be good Catholic Christians and live this out?! Come to youth group and find out!

TESTIMONY   “ I may not frequently go to youth group, but every time I do go, I remember why I love going!  The people that go, whether it is 3 of us or 7 of us, are so supportive of each other and they all respect each others opinions.  I love having a place to go where I can share my thoughts and prayers and get positive feedback that does help me in certain situations. Youth group may not be for everyone, or some may be scared to go; but if you can go, I personally recommend it.  If you come with an open heart, it will be filled with so much knowledge and it will truly help you become the better person that you want to be!”- Julia grade 12  

Monday, February 20th


Join us as a member of our youth ministry shares what it means to step up and go the extra mile in our faith without fearing the judgement of our peers.

Monday, February 27th


Life is hard and we are so busy?! Haven’t come to youth group because you’re too busy? Bring your homework…we are gonna have an open study hall night and talk about how to maintain an active faith life and make room for prayer even with full calendars!

Middle School (6th and 7th):

Monday, February 20th- 5:15pm-6:45pm (MR3)


Christ said to turn our cheek to those who hurt us; how can we follow His teaching with bullies in our schools and on the internet?

Jenifer Cwiek (Youth Minister)