Youth Ministry

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Happy New Year!

Both high school and middle school Youth Groups are getting ready for the New Year! As we welcome in 2017, we will re-discover Christ as He calls us to begin again and to recommit ourselves to Him. We will be seeking the Lord as did the wise men, and allowing Christ to seek us out as He did the disciples. This semester we will be focusing on joy and how to maintain it while being a disciple of Christ amidst a world that is so content in complaining and just getting by. Please continue to pray for us and know of our prayers for the parish!

8 th graders are now welcome to join the High School meetings! We look forward to beginning this adventure together!


High School + 8th grade: Monday meetings 7:00pm-9:00pm

Monthly Theme: Hide and Seek

January 16th-Let the Adventure begin! – 2017- Hobbit movie night Part 1
January 23rd- “Fishers of Men”- Hobbit movie night part 2
January 29th- Pro-life Meeting

Middle School – 6th and 7th grade

January 23rd- 5:15-6:45 New Year Kick off

Jenifer Cwiek (Youth Minister)